Shop Analytics

How you create awareness for a new product? first, be online,

own a digital asset, and make it look reeeeeally good.
Ifat group is monitoring data and analyzing customer behaviors in
E-commerce shopping online.
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How can you encourage sales of a non-popular product

in the Capital Market? you explain it better!

By creating an online magazine, exploring other popular ranking

in Economics, Sports, News, and Culture in Israel. Check it out >>



You have an App, Hooray! but you need to customize it to different audience worldwide, specially in Spanish. How can you translate slang and cultural style from one language to another? using a certificated Microcopy expert! Check it out >>


You have a lovely brand, functioning clients, and a lot
of online presence, but s
ales doesn't increase much.
Using a professional storyteller you can find your story
and tell it to the world. 
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“I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” Building and writing landing page is not an easy job.
Knowing the specific goal of the brand, with clear tone and style, copy-wise and design-wise, will make your product more efficient.
Yona Kapach is an Israeli Stand up artist. Her goal is to engage
with her audience.
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Working with artists is not the same as working with a brand.
You need to
capture the essence of the artist personality
and his body of work. Yotam Knispel is an award winning filmmaker
who needed a portfolio for production companies and online audiences.

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