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Can you hold your breath for 3:24 min?

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

He is only 24 years old, and already broke 2 world records - meet the French free diver athlete Arnaud Jérald. Jérald has set a record for the deepest free dive of 112 metres in the bi-fins category, Last week in Kalamata, Greece. He was free diving for 3 minutes and 24 seconds and it was his sixth attempt in 5 days! Just a few days before, the Russian athlete, Alexey Molchanov has beaten his first world record (108m) and descended to 111 metres.

What I love about diving that loving it is addictive. Jerald’s manager Charlotte Benoit told the press that for his record bid Jérald had no sponsors, zero media and he was the boss of himself. Additional to that, dealing with the pressure of taking back the title as a record breaker is pretty incredible. Jérald himself has spent more than 15K euros in the process.

Watch the exciting dive >>

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